How do you select the right tutor for my child?

When you get in touch with us, we will discuss the type of tuition you are looking for your child – i.e. the subject and level. We will ask about your academic goals reasons for tuition. We will gather some information on your child’s character and anything else about your child that may assist us in knowing how best to support your child. With all this information, we usually have a few prospective tutors or a particular tutor in mind.

How long does it take to find a tutor?

As soon as we receive information with regards to what you are looking for, we will begin contacting a potential tutor, or potential tutors. Confirming a placement can take anywhere from an hour to 48 hours, although we typically ask clients to give us on average up to 24 hours. Sometimes this can take slightly longer as we factor in our tutors’ and students’ availability, compatibility and distance. The portal system we operate on allows us to search for, and filter our tutors based on your requirements fairly quickly.

How much do lessons cost?

Our fees are competitive. As every placement is unique, our fees vary slightly depending on the type of tuition engaged. Please contact us directly to discuss exactly what you are looking for.

What if I am unhappy with our tutor?

We place every tutor in great faith that he or she will deliver an excellent service. We send our clients a profile of the tutor prior to the lessons taking place. Prior to the initial lesson, we suggest to our tutors to get in touch with you directly either by email or phone to introduce themselves and to allow you both to discuss anything prior to the first lesson. If in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your tutor, simply get in touch with Teleios Tutors and we will discuss a solution and how we can find an alternative tutor for your child.

How can I assess my child is making progress?

Our tutors write regular online lesson reports after lessons which is clients can view. From time to time, Teleios Tutors will check in with tutors and clients to ask for lesson feedback and discuss opportunities to make further progress. We advocate regular assessments and tests with scores that will indicate how well your child is progressing.

Do you do group lessons?

Yes. Private tutoring can be delivered in small groups, usually between students of similar ability and level, if required. Please contact us to discuss further if this is something you are considering.

How does online tuition work?

Our tutors can carry out tuition via Skype using an interactive whiteboard, where the student and tutor can use together. This allows our tutors to deliver tuition to any student no matter where they are located. If a student has any worksheets or specific homework they would like to go through, it is suggested that a copy of this should be sent before the lesson to ensure that the tutor can prepare beforehand.

Are your tutors vetted?

Absolutely. All our tutors possess an up to date Enhanced DBS check. We check for proof of identification, academic transcripts, and we personally interview all tutors. During the interview, we establish the suitability of prospective tutors which is largely based on their teaching experience, character as well as their academic credentials.

How does payment work?

Telios Tutors sends a “credit request” to the client before the lesson where they can easily and quickly pay via our invoice system. Clients have an account on our portal where they are able to “top up” their account. Payment must be carried out before the lessons take place.

Is there a cancellation policy?

We do have a cancellation policy in place where Telios Tutors reserves the right to charge the client if they cancel the lesson. Tutors are entitled to an hour lesson payment to them if the client cancels within 24 hours. However, Telios Tutors will evaluate the cancellations independently and reasonably depending on the reason for cancellation whether or not the cancellation fees will be put in place.

What areas of London are most of your clients based?

Our client base is incredibly broad and we endeavour to cater for all locations. Most of our placements are at the Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham and Tower Hamlets.

Are there any extra costs?

Unlike many other tutoring agencies, we do not charge a registration fee. We do not have any other hidden costs. From time to time, if tutors have to travel a very long distance to your location (for example, if you live outside of London), we may consider asking for a small travel expense to cover this. However, this will only occur if you have agreed to this prior to lessons taking place.