Sociology at University: Social Research Into the “selfie” phenomenon

The current research aimed to contribute to knowledge on the selfie by collating existing evidence and bringing in new findings on specific issues, which drew on interviews with ten students from the University of York.  The focus was predominantly on definitions and perceptions of selfies, and the motivations behind them, which were informed by personal…


The Value of Coherent and Appropriate Targeting in Education

In modern times, school’s primary responsibilities are varied and multi-faceted. Not only must they ensure every child matures academically and socially but there is also a significant demand on schools to produce respectable exam results; this performance is often the basis by which schools are measured. For independent schools – like my placement school for…


Turn Your Passions And Talents Into A Career

Although many mainstream careers offer ‘safety and security’ (albeit debatable), the platform for personal and professional growth is quite often neglected especially for those working in a corporate environment. The new generation of professionals should take inspiration from their surroundings, trust themselves and pursue what they love. It is the option that scares you the most…