About Us

Collectively, we are a team of private home tutors and mentors who are committed to revolutionising and our students’ educational experience through individualised learning.


Our Beliefs & Values

Gaining clarity of our clients’ ultimate vision and purpose; really understanding their needs and desires for their child is the core of all the subsequent actions we take in order to fulfill this.

Young people need to be guided and mentored in a way where they feel inspired and empowered; falling in love with the process of learning is essential. As tutors, we help our students build a strong foundation by planting the seeds of knowledge whilst maintaining strong engagement and interest throughout. This is what we have found to create the most sustainable and long term results.

Through much observation, conventional approach to teaching is often “lecture style” and students are often “micro managed”. Whilst it can be beneficial to those that learn well this way, we feel that imparting an overwhelming amount of information in a group environment is not always the most effective way for students to receive the most superior value in education. Working closely with a personal tutor can help accelerate a student progress; the synergy created between a tutor and student has enabled many of our students to have a positive and long-lasting impact on their education and future.

It is said that 80% of success comes from the psychology as opposed to only 20% being mechanics, which is why we place great emphasis on developing the mindset; the “foundation” as well as planning and implementing an effective learning strategy.


Our Mission

Telios Tutors’ mission was, and is, to add as much educational and personal value to as many students as possible through individualised learning and developing our students from the inside out.


Our Philosophy

  • We always aim to put the needs of our students first before anything else and come from a place of help.
  • We care about building strong professional relationships with the families that we engage with.
  • We always aim to provide honest, impartial and constructive feedback.
  • We always aim to have a professional duty of care towards our students and remain respectful, non judgemental and act supportively at all times.